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Our goal at Axtel Headsets is to connect people every day with our products. As the products are made with companies and their needs in mind, we would like every Axtel headset to make our Clients' jobs easier.

Engage with colors

Over the years, we’ve learned that seemingly subtle changes in the work environment can have a huge impact. A friendly ambience translates into greater engagement from your people, which is why Axtel encourages you to personalize our products by playing with color. By changing the color of the O-ring, you can create a headset that visually underlines the individual character of your company.

Develop and motivate

Each color has its own strengths, and a different effect on our feelings and behavior. Color can affect our motivation, the way we approach tasks, our creativity and effectiveness. Choose the color that’s right for the needs of your team.

Quality without compromise

Designed with the user’s comfort in mind thanks to its light construction, the Prime HD headset ensures hours of easy, comfortable communication. It brings together quality and comfort, along with a personalized, modern design that lets you stand out.

Play with color

As a producer of professional headsets, Axtel Headsets knows the great possibilities that small changes can deliver. That’s why we offer you 15 possibilities for the color of your product’s O-ring. Use the creator to see how your headset can look like.


Create a realistic visualization of your headset

Choose one of the colours shown below and see how your headset may look like.

Save visualization

* Colors in the creator are samples, and may differ from the actual color depending on your monitor’s settings. Minimum order: 100 items”

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